One of my paintings is prominently featured in the new Vancouver's Robson Street Aritzia store amongst many other original pieces by local Vancouver and BC artists.




YAM Magazine


A nice little feature in YAM Magazine's "On Our Radar" section.


Page One Publishing

JUNE 2016





A new body of work now on exhibit at Espace d. (at the foot of Homer St on Cordova St in Vancouver's Gastown).



APRIL 2016





Recently a painting of mine was purchased to be used in a set for a tv series filmed in Vancouver called Second Chance on the FOX network. Here is a photo of the painting in situ on the set as well as a short clip of one of the episodes that showcases the painting. Kind of fun to see my work on tv!


Here is the clip: http://www.fox.com/watch/645184579753/7765920768

MARCH 2016




Pod Contemporary Gallery

Salt Spring Island, BC

March 25th - April 15th


This series of drawings started out as an exercise or way of reconnecting with my studio practice after a fairly long hiatus. It ended up becoming kind of therapeutic and meditative process to do these quick drawings on a torn page that turned into a collection of a sort of visual alphabet or language that is now informing larger pieces both on paper and on canvas or board. This particular grouping on the wall is titled The “F” Words as the text pages all come from the “F” book of an old Encyclopedia Britanica. A play on words with a bit of humour attached.


At first glance the drawings or “glyphs” are all that you see. But as you come closer you see that the drawings interact with the printed text on the pages. Where there is a simple space for a paragraph break now becomes a graphic element integral to the drawing itself. One of these pages on its own is not nearly as exciting as when there is a group of them interacting with one another. I found that I was really enjoying moving the drawings around and finding placements that worked well in the particular space whether on the floor or on the wall. The looseness of the pages was also important. They lost some of their “life” if they were completely tacked down. They were more exciting to me when left to flitter with a passing breeze.


At the top of all these pages, there are the key words like finance, France, fisheries, fou-fou, fil-fil, fir-fir, fine arts, fresco, frederick, Fiji, for-fos, fos-fos etc. These words are prompts with the intention to help one locate a particular thing in the encyclopedia or dictionary. A technique that is now lost on the digital age of today. My kids, who are in high school, don’t even know how to look up something in a dictionary or encyclopedia or even a telephone book. It is completely lost to the newer generations.


These old, tattered encyclopedias given to me by the artist and author Nick Bantock, had been stacked up in my studio for years. More as a place to sit my tea cup than anything else. I knew that they would find their way into my work somehow but wasn’t exactly sure how. This is not a new process by any means. For years, artists have worked on found objects or found ephemera creating something new from something old. In my case it was a way of quickly putting down forms that excite, inspire and intrigue me in the limited studio time I had. As the series grew, so did my excitement and therefore the time spent in the studio increased by the day....which is always such a bonus.













JUNE 2015



New work by Jan Smith and Michela Sorrentino


Pod Contemporary Gallery

Salt Spring Island, BC

June 26th - July 31st

Reception: Friday June 26th




















APRIL 2015


Five Women Abstractionists

Group exhibit by Barbra Edwards, Margie Korrison, Nicola Morgan Helen Ormiston Smith and Michela Sorrentino

Curated by Anthony Mathews


Salt Spring Arts Council

Easter Art Show

April 3rd - April 12th

Reception: Friday April 3rd

Mahon Hall, Salt Spring, BC











LUDIQUE: Spontaneous Playfulness

New works by Michela Sorrentino and Keith Rice-Jones


SOPA Fine Arts

March 5th - March 31st

Reception: Thursday, March 5th

2934 South Pandosy Street, Kelowna, BC



An all new body of work dedicated to the act of spontaneous play and how many of us  grieve and reminisce the loss of play in our lives and how some are able to keep the act of playfulness active and alive throughout their lives. Ten large scale works in cold wax and oil on cradled wood panels.


I will be in attendance for the opening of Ludique. Hope to see you there.






A Visible Trace - new works by Michela Sorrentino


Espace d

Thursday, December 4th

215-332 West Cordova (@Homer)

Vancouver, BC



Join us for the grand opening of Espace d's beautiful new shop and gallery space in Gastown, Vancouver's downtown heritage neighbourhood. I will be showing a new body of work called "A Visible Trace".


This new body of work explores the importance that mark making has on my paintings. I almost always begin with some sort of automated drawing with drawing tools or paint to deactivate the surface. Previously these marks were often buried and indistinguishable once the painting was complete.


With this body of work I have deliberately left untouched canvas and traces of the initial mark making in the completed pieces. This enables the viewer to see the history of my process as well as depicting how the marks are used as an underlying structure giving a visual sense of order.



Wrapped in Colour - Group show


SOPA Fine Arts

Thursday, December 4th 2014 - January 30th 2015

2934 Pandosy Street

Kelowna, BC